Leveraging the power of line items to drive a streamlined AP process

Anota have always been at the forefront of driving deep system integrations across the DocuWare usage estate but particularly in the AP/AR arena and, with the advent of Line Items we have been able to leverage this increased granular data to deliver some huge process improvements for a number of businesses across the UK, in a wide range of sectors including automotive and medical manufacture.

How Digital Email Management Can Simplify Your Work Life.

Email boxes are more than a communication vehicle, they are also a repository of critical business information.But emails tend to be informal and that tricks us into thinking that they don’t need to be archived and searchable, though some emails need to be retained for compliance. How many times have you scrolled through your inbox or sent mail box looking unsuccessfully for important email correspondence or attachments that you forgot to save?Some of us also make the mistake of using an email inbox as a to-do list. With email management software, you can set up rules so that emails are automatically put in a task list or archived along with related documents.