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    3 reasons to use VERTOSUITE LINE ITEMS with DocuWare to leverage the power of SYSPRO:

    And, if those were not reasons enough, ANOTA customers have successfully automated on average 92.7% of AP documents from the receiving, checking, routing, and approving to posting into SYSPRO.




    By undertaking an ever-growing range of checks and balances at both header and line-item level, VERTOSUITE LINE ITEMS can drastically reduce your purchase to pay cycle down from an industry average of 12 minutes to seconds from inbox to ERP. By reducing the data extraction, duplication, manual checking, and document chasing your AP team can be liberated from the mundane and focus fully on adding value and gatekeeping the AP system.


    By moving away from the old paradigm of paper and using the power of DocuWare and VERTOSUITE LINE ITEMS our clients have on average saved 8.2 tons of CO2, 86 Trees and 270 TONS of Water[1]. By removing the need for printing (and sometimes reprinting!) invoices, copying them, internal posting, manual storage, shredding etc we remove a large part of the environmental cost of the AP process. Anota believes in stewarding the environment and reducing our collective burden on nature and we strive to deliver solutions that align with our client, societal and global goals for reducing harmful emissions and over-consumption of natural resources.

    We are passionate about saving the planet, one document at a time.


    VERTOSUITE is available as a cloud-based solution or on-premises (depending on your requirements) and is designed to be seamless and “seen less”, with users working solely within the DocuWare and SYSPRO screens.

    With a range of configurations at both header and line-level VERTOSUITE LINE ITEMS can be set up to work the way YOU work, or to streamline your processes and provide for stringent but less time-consuming validations such as line math checks, GRN receipt balance checks, supplier validation, PO existence and validity, VAT, multi-currency, multi-ledger destiny and ultimately, automated posting.

    With the versatility of DocuWare workflow to “Move” documents as required across your virtual organisation and the power of SYSPRO, VERTOSUITE LINE ITEMS can really accelerate your digital journey!


    LIVE IN 25

    On average, ANOTA customers are using their new AP Processing system with VERTOSUITE in 25 days[2].

    Our process includes a robust scoping session which explores all aspects of the process to be automated, including any additional checks, approval routing and exceptions. Following successful scoping and sign-off the system is built and internally tested TWICE by the build engineer and a team member unrelated to the build. We then undertake a remote training session with your key team leads/advocates and then give you a full 5 working days for you to fully test and note any changes/refinements to the automation processes prior to our fine-tuning, close-down modifications and subsequent sign-off.


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    [1] Data based on a 38% saving of emissions (CO2) and no printing of invoices received and the associated material reductions based on 1500 invoices per month received. The following papers were consulted as part of this study: Kim J. and Rohmer, S. (2012) Environmental Life Cycle Assessment on Paper and Electronic Billing & Payment System. A paper to be presented at the International Conference on Organizations, institutions, and innovation in the ICT sector: Where do we stand? Hatch Associates Pty Ltd (2008) Digital invoicing & the environment - A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment. Analysis for Convergence. Moberg, A. et al (2008) Effects of a total change from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing in Sweden. Tenhunen, Maija and Penttinen, Esko, (2010). Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Paper vs. Electronic Invoicing. ACIS 2010 Proceedings. 95. Le Pochat et al (2010) Comparative LCA of a digital invoice versus a paper invoice.

    [2] 2020/2021 average across all client projects from the signature of scope to UAT Sign-off (excluding any third party or client delays).

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