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    Anota Awards Celebrate Client Excellence!

    We're thrilled to announce the winners of the Anota Awards! These awards recognise our outstanding clients who exemplify success through their commitment and innovation.


    Eco Champion: Auto-Sleepers

    Taking home the Eco Champion award is Auto-Sleepers, who have significantly reduced paper usage, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.


    Customer Loyalty: JSR Farms Ltd

    JSR Farms Ltd is our Customer Loyalty winner! Their unwavering partnership and dedication throughout our journey together deserve recognition. This award highlights the value we place on long-term relationships.


    ROI Champion: Bensons For Beds

    Bensons For Beds is our ROI Champion! They have achieved the most substantial return on investment, showcasing the power of Anota's solutions.


    Innovation in Implementation: West Way Nissan

    West Way Nissan takes home the Innovation in Implementation Award for their impressive and creative use of DocuWare beyond Accounts Payable. Their dedication to innovation inspires us!


    Customer Engagement Award

    Another confidential winner is our Customer Engagement Award recipient. We're proud to acknowledge this partner's outstanding commitment, loyalty, and active participation in building a strong relationship with Anota. Since 2007, they have consistently delivered exceptional services, empowering infrastructure project companies.


    Thank you to all our clients for your continued partnership! We look forward to achieving even greater things together in the future!

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    Anota Awards Celebrate Client Excellence!