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    What does DocuWare bring to your AP party?

    Curious about how the right document management system can radically change your internal processes or procedures?

    Here are just three ways DocuWare can make a significant difference to your accounts payable processing with improved data quality, greater input accuracy, streamlining invoice processing for approval, and enabling secure storage and retrieval of documents.

    Data capture and validation

    DocuWare can automatically capture data from incoming invoices (email inbox, network file location, multi-function device input), for example, supplier names/codes, bank details (for automatic verification), invoice number, PO number and header amounts as well as line item data, and validate that against pre-configured rules or values within an ERP system to ensure that the data is accurate and complete. This helps to reduce errors and improve data quality as well as reduce invoice query time.

    Approval workflows

    With its versatile and powerful workflow engine, DocuWare can be configured to route invoices and credit notes through a series of authorisation steps based on predefined rules, such as value threshold, department, multi-level approval requirement, supplier code, product code or entity for example. This enables the swift and efficient movement of documents across the organisation and ensures that invoices are reviewed and approved in a timely manner and with certain configurations, documents can be pushed into your ERP automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

    Document storage and retrieval

    DocuWare can store your invoices, credit notes and supporting documents (in fact ANY documents) in a secure, encrypted cloud-based digital repository (or on-prem if required), which can be accessed by authorized users through a web interface meaning your team can be anywhere int he world and still work on, approve and search for documents. This easy retrieval of documents using parameterised FREE TEXT search makes auditing a breeze and, using tools like SmartConnect(TM) you can search your DocuWare system from within your finance system, with no bespoke coding (depending on any limitations of your ERP system).

    With the addition of the Vertosuite Line Items SaaS or On-Prem solution, the validation, checking and flagging of line item data can be greatly enhanced and automated to the point where your team is liberated from manual input and is focused on dealing with exceptions and adding value to the transaction data.


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    What does DocuWare bring to your AP party? What does DocuWare bring to your AP party? What does DocuWare bring to your AP party?