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    Experience Exceptional Customer Support: How Our Helpdesk Goes Above and Beyond.

    Sophie, one of our Helpdesk co-pilots writes:


    We know that sometimes, technology can be a little tricky to navigate and it's frustrating if you are trying to do your job and for whatever reason, technology is NOT helping! That's where the team of skilled technicians here at Anota comes in. We're here to make sure that you don't have to go through the troubleshooting process alone and that your challenges, updates, upgrades, workflow changes in fact, anything related to the configuration or smooth running of your DocuWare system* can be resolved as quickly as possible.

    Whatever your support level, be it standard DocuWare support (which covers the system functionality, upgrades and bug fixes) or one of our enhanced C&A packages (which cover user changes and management, document trays, roles, workflow changes, general administration and tweaks to existing systems as you grow and personnel move/change roles) we follow a strict procedure to ensure a quality service every time.

    Our helpdesk system and associated procedures allow our experienced technicians to track all of the tickets that come through (raised by emailing, so we can provide telephone, email and remote support in a timely and efficient manner.

    When you submit a ticket by email (we do have a new portal currently being tested to allow web-based submission and ticket management as well), one of our talented agents will pick it up and start working on ways to help resolve your issue. They'll make sure to keep you informed every step of the way, so you know exactly what's going on.

    When resolving an issue, our technicians may ask for some extra information from you. This could be anything from error messages that appear to specific details about the issue you're experiencing, what browser you are using etc. so it's worth accurately noting these or even better, taking screenshots and being sure to explain the current process you were undertaking when a particular error or issue appeared.

    This information is gold and can often make a huge difference to the speed of resolution so "if in doubt, list it out!" as we say. 

    The whole technical team at Anota are dedicated to providing the very best support experience possible for our client partners and we understand that communication is key, so we try to make sure we keep you updated via email or phone throughout the resolution process. We want you to know that your issue is being taken care of and that we're here to help you.

    Once a ticket has been resolved, our Client Success Manager James ( may audit your ticket and follow up to ensure there are no loose ends and that you received the service you needed. Like most issues, closure is important so, if we HAVE sorted an issue out and we ask for confirmation of this, please do respond and let us know, don't ghost us.

    Now if you haven't already, I highly recommend taking up a C&A contract for increased support capabilities and options. With this type of support contract, you'll have access to even more resources and support and crucially, you won't be charged for changes that fall outside of the standard DocuWare support agreement so you can get back to what really matters: enjoying your technology and working smarter.

    Contact James here or email him via to find out more about it the enhanced C&A.


    * The standard DocuWare support package included with every system covers only issues related to the Azure platform, uptime, non-configured functional continuity and upgrades. In order to receive workflow modification, system administration, user management or additional support outside of the base software (out of the box) you will need to have a C&A contract.

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    Experience Exceptional Customer Support: How Our Helpdesk Goes Above and Beyond. Experience Exceptional Customer Support: How Our Helpdesk Goes Above and Beyond. Experience Exceptional Customer Support: How Our Helpdesk Goes Above and Beyond.