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    Struggling with Manual AP Processes? VertoSuite Can Help!

    Tired of tedious, error-prone manual invoice processing? VertoSuite, our powerful automation solution, can revolutionise your Accounts Payable operations.

    Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to a smoother AP process. VertoSuite seamlessly integrates with DocuWare, empowering you to customise invoice routing based on your specific needs. Invoices are automatically directed to the appropriate departments or individuals, ensuring fast processing and improving confidence in your data's accuracy.

    VertoSuite goes beyond automation; it safeguards your finances with a comprehensive suite of verification checks. These checks include:

    Duplicate Check: Prevents the potential for duplicate payments by flagging any instances of duplicate invoices.

    Business Entity Verification: Confirms the accuracy of supplier information to ensure that payments are made to the correct entity.

    Purchase Order (PO) Number Validation: Verifies the existence and active status of the PO number associated with the invoice.

    Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Confirmation: Checks whether goods have been received and reconciles them with the invoice.

    Delivery Verification: Verifies the quantity of goods received and compares it to the invoiced amount.

    Line Item Validation: Ensures that the quantity and value of each line item on the invoice are accurate.

    Tax Rate Accuracy: Verifies that the applied tax rate aligns with the relevant product and order details.

    Tolerance Checks: Allows for customisation of tolerance thresholds to match specific business requirements.

    General Ledger (GL) Code Assignment: Determines the appropriate account(s) for listing each item on the invoice.

    VertoSuite identifies any discrepancies during its verification process. If an invoice fails any check, the software notifies your AP team via a designated "Task List." This notification system streamlines the process of investigating discrepancies, resolving issues, or obtaining additional approvals.

    By automating invoice processing and integrating seamlessly with DocuWare, VertoSuite grants you greater control over your finances, minimises errors, and optimises your financial operations. This innovative solution frees your AP team from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic activities, make informed decisions, and drive your business towards success in today's competitive environment.

    Ready to transform your AP operations? Contact us here to explore how VertoSuite and DocuWare can empower your business.

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    Struggling with Manual AP Processes? VertoSuite Can Help! Struggling with Manual AP Processes? VertoSuite Can Help!