Your newest AP team member.

    Meet the newest member of your accounts payable team.

    Leverage the power of your ERP/accounts payable system, the DocuWare DMS and VERTOSUITE Line Items to automate the input, checking, validating and posting1 of at least 80%2 of your AP invoices and liberate your team to add even more value.

    Streamline the AP process from inbox to ERP, refine the information journey, improve data quality and greatly reduce the purchase-to-pay timeline with the most powerful, integrated flexible and cost-effective invoice process automation tools available.

    Get a quick overview of how
    VERTOSUITE works

    Always working

    The on-prem or cloud-based system runs 24/7 and is more than capable of processing on average at least 5,000 documents per 24hr period, per business entity3.

    Highly configurable with a range of options that allow for both header and detailed invoice line-level checking and ledger distribution, VERTOSUITE is your one-stop solution for processing success.

    • Automatically process invoices – quickly & accurately.
    • Validate Invoices against POs and GRNs at multiple points.
    • Discrepancy and tolerance checks at a line level.
    • Streamline the AP process and integrate with a range of ERP and accounts systems.

    Tomorrow's technology bringing a positive impact today.

    By radically reducing (or stopping) the printing of invoices, related CO2, water and other environmental costs can be significantly reduced.

    With VERTOSUITE, resources can be reallocated across the business to deliver new or additional value.

    Improve job-satisfaction and staff retention by liberating the AP team from mundane input or validation tasks.

    Reduce month-end processing time and improve data quality.

    In fact, we can't list all the positive impacts here so to see for yourself, get in touch to arrange a demo.

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    1 Subject to ERP/Accounts package API availability and capability.
    2 The average minimum automated invoice processing rate obtained.
    3 Subject to installation platform and/or network/ERP/Accounts package limitations.