This blog post is the first in a series examining the use cases for DocuWare alongside our VertoSuite software.

The award-winning DocuWare document management system, trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide, is the perfect solution for remote/COVID safe working, document archiving, HR, on-boarding, accounts payable/receivable, sales order processing, job completion, in fact, any process that involves data collection and storage which means that DocuWare is perfect for your business, whatever it might be.

As a DocuWare Gold partner, Anota possesses a wealth of experience when it comes to helping a wide range of businesses to work smarter and realign their processes to deliver a more streamlined customer experience.

Not only are Anota great at document management and workflow development but, with innovation at the heart of everything we do, our experts can design, build and support a solution that works across your organisation, seamlessly integrating with a range of systems to unify your team and drive greater efficiencies. Incorporating a range of in-house solutions designed for specific business scenarios. We do not implement a cookie-cutter approach to new systems, each one is designed and configured around your unique organisational needs and delivered on time and within budget, fully backed by our dedicated technical support team.

The scope of use for DocuWare in any department is limited only by the organisational desire for improvement because once you have made the initial investment in the cloud system (which includes all the modules by default) the (DMS) world is literally your oyster. The forms module for example can be used to capture data both within and without the organisation, from site visits to staff onboarding, the workflow module can manage any document and route it according to simple (or complex) matrices, the Intelligent Indexing (II) module can read, analyse and pre-populate index data and crucially, line item data for almost any pdf document.

DocuWare can be used in ANY business that uses paperwork in some way which means, any business; Anota has client partners in many diverse areas including logistics, air travel, medical supplies, manufacturing, automotive retail, legal services, farming, finance infrastructure management and warehousing.uch here and let us take the pain out of your paperwork.

Use case scenario #1

A garage equipment installer receives a request for a site survey of an existing client garage to replace the vehicle lifts, cabinets, and headlight alignment equipment. The job details are entered on the existing works management system and subsequently, the DocuWare forms are set up for the site engineer to use (according to any templates you have already in use).

The engineer visits the site and records the requirements including attaching photos, drawings, and customer comments. This is then stored in DocuWare (updating the job management system via API or SQL) and routed to the draughting office via DocuWare for initial drawings and the design process.

Orders placed for equipment can also be stored and referenced in DocuWare and as invoices for the equipment are received, the VertoSuite Line Item tool can be used to check and process the GRNs alerting to any PPV or discrepancies, etc.

As the equipment is installed and signed off (using job management forms created within DocuWare with sign on glass or remote signatures i.e. VidSigner) and the subsequent documents stored in DocuWare, using specific index data and workflows reminders can be set up to flag for renewals/annual services automatically with data in any associated systems updated as required. Any additional customer/site-specific (or product-specific) document can also be stored and retrieved in seconds using the Full-Text facility meaning any future on-site visit, service or inspection can be undertaken with the documents available immediately.

Post-installation, you can receive feedback via DocuWare forms for any aspect of the installation and route to the appropriate department or person for review/action as well as providing a helpdesk/ticket facility for your clients to log calls again, using the power of workflows to direct tickets accordingly.

A free mobile app is also available on both iOS and Android – this gives all licensed users the same functionality as the web client.

There are two license types available for DocuWare currently: full and workflow. Full users can undertake all actions on the system including storing. Workflow users can approve/stamp documents but not store documents. Public forms can be used by non-licensed users and are stored against the credentials of an existing FULL user and these are then accessible as normal across the system.

If you are interested in discussing how DocuWare can help you transform your organisation and streamline your processes, reduce your carbon footprint and get 2021 ready then get in touch here and let us take the pain out of your paperwork.