Data Capture

    How is Data Capture helping to improve the transport and logistics industry?

    THE transportation and logistics industry is facing a host of new challenges from the communication-crazed, hyper-impatient world of today.

    “Time is money” is a reality that applies to most transportation industry executives.

    Such pressure is forcing companies to adopt higher-quality reporting and minute-by-minute tracking systems so they can improve cost efficiencies and deliver precise/timely deliveries.

    In reality, this level of responsiveness is pushing capacity to its limits.

    However, there is light at the end of the tunnel as advanced workflow solutions can help the transportation industry to operate more safely, more timely and more profitably.

    With the help of DocuWare technology, companies working the transportation and logistics arena can now capture, store and distribute valuable information in real-time. From any location.

    Other additional technology improvement opportunities include:

    • Eliminate time-consuming data entry processes through easy-to-use enhanced document and imaging workflow solution.
    • Scan and capture all inbound shipping documents and easily share with internal employees as well as external entities, like customers and customs agencies, via a personalised secure online Portal.
    • Quickly route proof of deliveries, invoices, air waybills, air cargo manifests and freight bills.
    • Improve supply chain decision-making and support with complete access to distribution-related documents, all accessible in real-time.
    • Deploy enhanced document security to prevent unintended access or loss of information, from customer files and transportation database systems.

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