Caterham Cars


    Headquartered in Crawley, England Caterham design and create fun, high quality, exciting, British-built pedigree light-weight sports cars where the driving experience is front and centre. Their current model the “Caterham 7” is a direct descendent of the S3 Lotus Seven (originally designed by Colin Chapman) and their rich history includes a dash of F1 from 2012-2014.

    The challenges

    • Provide a cloud-based robust solution to allow for remote working and facilitate strategic growth.
    • Automate wherever possible, starting with the accounts payable processes.
    • Verify, validate and export the contents of over 1,000 invoices a month into the ERP system.
    • Seamlessly workflow documents across the business as required.
    • Full invoice posting and validation into their SYSPRO system.
    • Deliver this through a unified and intuitive interface.

    Our Solution

    • DocuWare Cloud 15 user system
    • Integrated Workflows
    • Intelligent Indexing OCR
    • ConnectToMail from Inbox to ERP
    • Vertosuite automated accounts payable document validation and posting
    • SYSPRO ERP API Integration
    • DocuWare Mobile application

    ANOTA and Caterham Cars working in partnership to deliver a versatile, scalable accounts payable solution that ensures a podium finish, every time.

    Designing and implementing a bespoke DocuWare Cloud solution has enabled the Caterham AP team to focus on adding value and dealing with exceptions rather than repetitive data input and validation tasks.

    The solution facilitates improved supplier relations with a much improved purchase-to-pay timeframe across their entire supply chain.


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    * Based on 38% saving of emissions over the lifetime of a single document from printing, copying to manual storage

    ** Based on pre-project client-provided data

    Benefits Gained

    • Potential for circa 5 tons of CO2 saving per year*
    • Improved data visibility and document access.
    • Considerable time-saving potential across the entire process journey for each document.**
    • Improved data value delivered through ease of access to index and line item data from within the DocuWare system.

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