A lot of the early work in DocuWare and AP integration centred around header and footer data only, which obviously came with some limitations in terms of the depth of integration and data manipulation.

With the release in early 2019 of DocuWare 7.1 came the new functionality of line item capture and storage and with that, the gateway to a whole new world of processing into an ERP system. Then came 7.2 into which DocuWare folded further enhancements around the line item granular data and subsequent API enhancements. These modifications have paved the way for a much finer level of data integrity checking and workflow control, allowing us to design and deliver solutions that help organisations turn data into information and then onwards through the use of BI, into knowledge and wisdom.

Anota have always been at the forefront of driving deep system integrations across the DocuWare usage estate but particularly in the AP/AR arena and, with the advent of Line Items we have been able to leverage this increased granular data to deliver some huge process improvements for a number of businesses across the UK, in a wide range of sectors including automotive and medical manufacture.

Now, with the line item capture function, we are able (through a bespoke server-based application) to automate the processing of between 80-90% of invoices (with a PO and GRN) into an ERP system (via the API) using DocuWare task lists and workflows. We currently partner with K3 SysPro but are undertaking development at the for Sage and Oracle NetSuite applications for a couple of clients and can work with either cloud or on-prem systems.


The shift in the effort for AP from processing to gatekeeping and exception control provides for improved accuracy of data posted, greater control of excepted items and higher availability of granular data for use in a range of exercises via a Datamart or BI tool.

Couple this with our in-house developed dashboard giving a top-down view of the DMS data in real-time and you have a rounded solution for AP that delivers a very real and tangible ROI and provides a springboard for positive impact across your business.

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