The DocuWare DMS is a big player in the Logistics sector, used as it is to facilitate AP invoice processing and POD/POC storage/sharing. Anota works with some big names in this area and one of our client partners is a well known and much-loved British Logistics company, here we look at how they use to power of DocuWare to keep on trucking…

A little about the client.

This client partner provides industry-leading logistic services to some of the United Kingdom and Europe’s best-known retail and consumer brands. With over 3000 trucks carrying out more than 10,000 deliveries per day, they operate across the whole supply chain, by handling all aspects of logistics from beginning to end.

As an innovative and forward-thinking logistics organisation they are considered the partner of choice for handling the day to day challenges that can occur modern logistic. They have a technology-led, affordable, and versatile service offering that puts their network in front of a vast range of companies.

They transport and distribute stock for well-known high-street grocers and beverage supplier and provide branded warehouse services for each of the businesses that they work with, where they manage the stock for the businesses, ensuring timely delivery to stores and other locations as required.

How do they operate?

The process starts with assigning their drivers a job and giving them locations of where to transport the stock too. They then send the truck to pick up the stock needed from the branded warehouses, which makes it easier for them to locate the stock. From this, they get given a delivery note, which tells the driver the jobs listed, with the location addresses for the jobs. The driver delivers the stock to the locations and the delivery note gets signed to show that the stock has been received in good quality. The delivery note is then sent back to base as proof of delivery and subsequent payment processing. Usually, there is a strict deadline for submission of these POD/POC documents of 48 hours.

How does the client benefit from using DocuWare??

Anota has worked with this client partner for almost 6 years, delivering a range of services and solutions to help them maximise their investment in the DocuWare DMS.

The key area is the processing of AP invoices, streamlining the way these are matched to their ERP system, work-flowing documents for approval according to specific matrices and storing for instant retrieval.

The electronic submission and processing for client availability of POD/POC documents is also part of the overall solution that is situated in a distributed server and storage estate of over 10 machines and over 20Tb of data.

POD/POC documents not sent electronically are returned to base and manually scanned into DocuWare for processing alongside the ePod/Poc data

These documents once stored, are readily available for location and/or sharing with clients via a bespoke method.

Benefits of DocuWare

  • Minimises the use of paper
  • Reduces processing time
  • Reduces payment delays due to misplaced paperwork
  • Helps ensure collection/placement of delivery notes
  • Helps with the collection and storage of proof of delivery/collection
  • Integration is possible with a range of ERP and logistics management systems.

If you are interested in finding out how your logistics or transportation business can benefit from Anota’s experience and the power of DocuWare do get in touch here, email or call us on 0113 887 2400.