The award-winning DocuWare document management system has helped businesses and organisations across almost every sector of service and industry. This post is part of our “Highlights” series, where we look at particular use cases in different areas of business. This week it is the turn of the automotive manufacture industry.


Our client partner focus this time round is a family-orientated automotive supply business. With nearly 60 years’ industry experience, this UK-based manufacturer takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

With almost artisanal attention to detail, they use the highest quality materials for the furniture, fittings and fitments meaning that each vehicle is a statement in contemporary design and workmanship. A testament to their obsession with quality and proof of the same, their designers use and live in the very motorhomes they make, so they know from experience what goes together and how to make the most of the interior space!


So how do they use DocuWare?

The AP team uses two SYSPRO ERP entities to process over 3,000 invoices a month. Previously, they had to manually enter, check, and manage the approval of all of those invoices with a team of just 4 people. However, since implementing the VertoSuite Line Items tool developed by Anota, which seamlessly their DocuWare DMS with their SYSPRO ERP system, they can now process their AP documents from email (or paper scanned) receipt, approval, checking and posting with (in 80% of the cases) a single click.

Invoices and credit notes are automatically uploaded into DocuWare and then stored, with the VertoSuite Line Items tool carrying out checks against the GRN and PO data already held in the ERP system, flagging invoices, or line items that are outside of tolerance, present a GRN mismatch, or require signoff. If there are documents that require human intervention or investigation, they are sent via a workflow to the right person within DocuWare for action. Subsequently, documents that are stamped or noted as ready to post get sent to the AP team for the final “gatekeeper” approval, upon which the data gets posted to SYSPRO via the API ensuring all configured business logic is adhered to.



Benefits of using DocuWare:

  • Reduces processing time
  • Reduces payment delays due to misplaced paperwork
  • Helps ensure audit and compliance
  • Helps with the archiving and retrieval of documents.
  • Integration is possible with a range of ERP and logistics management systems.

If you are interested in finding out how your business can benefit from DocuWare, VertoSuite Line Items and Anota’s experience and the power of DocuWare do get in touch here, email Martin Chapman or call him on 0113 887 2403.