Departmental Solutions


Invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes and quotations. Nothing is booked without a supporting record. These records need to be stored for a long time and need to be accessible to you at any time. Automatic filing and rapid access to these records have become standard procedures for companies using DocuWare.


Price lists, customer orders from the last six months, charts showing regional prospects and sales forecasts. Since success in sales comes from making the most of information collected for and about your customers – get DocuWare. Because one thing is for sure: you can never be armed with too much information when you are out in the field.

Human Resources

Contracts, evaluations, reviews and letters of recommendation. Employees are your most precious resource, and that’s a documented fact! With electronic personnel folders preserved in DocuWare, you keep the information under control. Secure and completely protected from unauthorized entry, you can page through every employee’s history right on the monitor.

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Manufacturing and Quality Control With DocuWare, you speed up production and manufacturing while increasing your company’s legal security. Quality Control profits from a transparent well-organized information management software. Our system safely stores everything to fulfill the documentation needs of today’s Product Liability laws and retention schedules.


Invoices, price information, product specifications, delivery notes, quotes, item descriptions – DocuWare stores them all in a central document pool. A few clicks is all it takes to compare quotes and product parameters. Invoice approval is simpler and quicker, and data quality is improved.

DocuWare For All Departments

DocuWare stores all company documents in compliance with legal regulations in a central document pool. All authorized employees, whether in marketing, sales, production, or administration, can immediately access them regardless of format – including via the Internet. Integrations in third-party applications are child’s play. Business processes are optimized and your capacity to compete is enhanced.