Industry 4.0 is no longer a new concept, it is being adopted by many different manufacturing sectors. This is including the rail industry and is affecting every aspect, including the supply chain. It will be a new dawn for the whole vertical chain, and it will have a colossal impact on the supply chain especially. The Industry 4.0 ecosystem will bring about an eclectic range of digital technologies.

These technologies include the cloud, the Internet of Things, big data, augmented reality, 3D printing and many more extraordinary things. In doing this, it is enabling new business models. It is digitising products and services and it means the digitisation of integration of all links in the company’s value chain. Our solution creates a free-flowing smooth process from end-to-end of the company. It creates a structure, helps make companies more organised and reduces paper expense. The reduction of paper also helps save time searching for paper which will therefore help save more money. The ultimate ROI of investing in Industry 4.0 is guaranteed.

Propelling this innovation to create the smart supply chain contains two closely intertwined trends. On one side of the trend is the new technologies like big data analytics, the Internet of Things and the cloud; which are all pushing into the market. On the other side, there are more challenging and demanding expectations coming from the side of the consumers, employees, and business partners. They are pulling companies to develop more reliable and responsive supply chains

This integration for a growing rail company relaxes any worries. With any growing rail company, there will start to grow more challenges, which with our solution gives the impetus that triggers events in the supply chain, which can see problems anywhere in the chain and can alert anyone to issues that are affecting the supply and demand. It could be shortages of spare parts, raw materials, finished goods or components. This customised and personalised manufacturing is quickly becoming the model for many supply chains to follow. With the increasing demand from customers, a fully responsive supply chain is hugely advantageous and already pushes you above competition. It is becoming a must-have; with DocuWare, you have a clear and organised way of managing your paperwork, it doesn’t matter what that paperwork is, you are able to scan it onto DocuWare cloud. It is very simple and easy to use and will not take long to get to grips with.

The result of this fully responsive supply chain will extend vertical integrations of corporate functions to a horizontal dimension. It has complete awareness and collaboration from end-to end on different time horizons on tactical, strategic, and operational levels. The integration has the fundamental capability of supporting the paperwork of day-to-day operations. There are a variety of cloud based platforms that are emerging which have the capability to collaborate with different parts of the chain. These platforms are considerably more advanced than before, they have the ability to work automatically and to how you want it, so it will be completely bespoke.

Any workflow will be accurately modelled to integrate any collaboration process and send any information fast and reliably. If there are any existing ERP systems, we will be able to integrate our product into any existing infrastructure. Any documentation from the suppliers of raw materials and parts, the actual production process, warehouses and distributors of finished products and customers, will be able to be inputted and linked together in an organised collection, so it isn’t just the supply chain, there are many other areas in which DocuWare supports. A third of more than 2000 respondents to a recent PwC study say their companies have started to digitise their supply chains, and 72% are expected to have done so in 5 years’ time.

To conclude there are many companies that are having to invest in Industry 4.0 just to avoid being left behind. For rail in the supply chain, that is especially important as it will help reduce delivery times and thus increasing time in freight and inventory management. It is important to join the race and compete, otherwise you will just be left behind. Businesses aren’t just choosing to invest in order to stay with the times but because of the many benefits from Industry 4.0. There will soon be no option but to invest in it, otherwise you will have to face competitors racing ahead. If you are curious about Industry 4.0 and DocuWare, contact one of our many experts using the contact link below.