Meet the team

Antony Dickson
Managing Director

Antony has been at Anota from day one he is the resident DocuWare evangelist. He is adept at identifying ways in which businesses can benefit from the myriad capabilities and opportunities offered by the DocuWare system especially in the areas of Invoice Automation, Purchase Order Authorisation, Delivery Note and POD systems, GRN Matching and Intelligent Data Capture.

An avid Game of Thrones fan he can also be found cheering on Liverpool FC, hanging out at the gym and spending time with his family.

Martin Chapman
Operations Director

Martin joined Anota Ltd as a technician but he quickly rose to become Project Manager.  Liaising with customers, actively listening to them and designing bespoke business solutions, he has made life easier for many businesses whilst still saving them money!  Hard work has its rewards and Martin was made Operations Director in April 2019, responsible for the day to day running of the Technical Team, account management, system design and implementation as well as customer liaison.

In his spare time he can be heard riding his Harley whilst raising money for various charities, supporting the Veteran’s network and being coated in slobber and hair by his extremely large St Bernard dog.

Shaun Turner
Technical Services Director

Shaun is responsible for projects outside of DocuWare including bespoke web development, systems analysis, consulting services, infrastructure and RPA projects.

An application and systems integration specialist with over 20 years of IT management, project development and cross-function consulting experience across a variety of IT sectors including manufacturing, services and retail. He cut his teeth on SCO, RS6000 and Acer platforms developing solutions around PostgreSQL, Informix, Epicor and the lesser spotted Tetra Chameleon packages back in the day. Now he resides in the world of digital business transformation, PHP/MySQL, .NET, MSSQL, RPA and the like.

Out of work hours he can be found herding his children, studying theology and enjoying fine wine.

Nichola Clark
Officer Manager

Nichola runs all the back office functions from Accounts to Zebras via Contract Management and HR. Nichola is the primary point of contact for all administration and is an avid Harry Potter fan. In her spare time she sings in an Abba tribute band, plays Minecraft and bakes artisanal authentic Italian foccacia in her home-made brick oven.

Do not feed after 10pm.

Peter Reynolds
Snr Consultant and Developer

Peter joined Anota initially as part of our helpdesk function but is now one of our Senior Consultants and a C# Developer. He oversees some of the larger projects covering infrastructure, system implementation and integration development.

By night he is variously a band master at Air Cadets, a Duke of Edinburgh leader and an avid gamer. He loves Huskies and is a huge D&D fan.

Alex Rickles
Snr Consultant

Alex is one of our Senior Consultants and our SQL Server go-to guy. His work covers all aspects of implementation and support as well as workflow design for our clients. He has been known to workflow his way out of a paper bag.

He games, a LOT.

Richard Orr

Richard is our C# developer and integration specialist. He likes gaming, big mugs (he cannot lie) and sweets. He spends most of his free time gaming, reading Manga and novels (especially Wuxia novels).

He also moonlights as a stunt double for Dwayne Johnson and is the inspiration for “Maui” in the animated movie “Moana”.

Luke Trytsman
Snr Consultant

Luke is one of our Senior Consultants. He has considerable DocuWare experience and his work covers all aspects of scoping, design, development, implementation and support for large multi-faceted projects.

He likes to braai, which we have been assured Afrikaans for BBQ but we think it’s some form of interpretive dance.

James Turner
Technical Consultant

James hails from an IT Support / Admin background. He joined Anota in March of 2019 and is our Helpdesk Tech – he solves problems, queries & general headaches.

He has started his DocuWare journey well and is a keen learner,

James is a techie who spends his spare time researching new tech & nerding out watching Anime TV shows. especially Dragon Ball Super.