Verto Suite Line Items

Cost-effective automation and integration are now more than ever, the key to improving the agility and lean nature of any organisation.

Anota is very excited to announce the general release of the Verto Suite Line Items ERP integration tool.

Developed and supported in-house the software provides for a seamless detailed check of AP documents against a range of ERP systems. With a configurable series of checks, calculations, and decision points, the tool can route documents across your organisation utilising the power of the DocuWare DMS solution, passing through pre-defined workflows and ultimately is posted to your ERP system without any AP input if required.

The Verto Suite Line Items tool can automatically end-to-end process an eye-watering 500 invoices per hour per ERP entity.1

It is designed to run silently on a windows server within your infrastructure estate and communicates with both DocuWare and your ERP system via APIs to ensure your underlying system business logic is maintained. One single instance of the Verto Suite Line Items tool can work across 5 entities in one ERP system using differing credentials as required. The tool can be instantiated up to 3 times on any one server giving you up to 15 processing entities on one server, running 24/7.

The Verto Suite Line Items tool can truly power your AP function, helping to reduce operating costs, providing opportunities for resource re-positioning, and ensuring a high quality, timely data and all this based around the decision points, checks and tolerances YOU want to have in place.

The solution is highly cost-effective with a typically achievable ROI well within 12 months, depending on configuration and processing numbers, and if you have a cloud-based DocuWare system you are well on your way to changing the way you process invoices forever.

From Scope to UAT can take as little as 5 days, to go from processing every invoice manually to having your AP team function as gatekeeper for exceptions.

If you are interested in the Verto Suite Line Items tool click here to arrange a no-obligation conversation and/or demonstration.

1Depending upon infrastructure, network, internet access, workflow requirements, and API restrictions


The Verto Suite Line Items tool is part of the Verto Suite collection of software built around the DocuWare© document management platform. The suite includes Line Items, Dashboard, Export (CSV/XML), and Archive.

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