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On Wednesday 21st June 2017, Anota are travelling down to Raillive for their annual outdoor rail exhibition. Raillive is offering businesses the opportunity to show their product or service in a real rail setting. It gives them the chance to be able to show how they can support the challenges faced by SME’s in the rail industry.

There will be all sorts of topics that are to be covered, for example: traction & rolling stock, light rail, rail plant & infrastructure, electrification, signalling demonstrations, displays of engineering, rail maintenance materials, product development/testing/rail safety, digital, technology & innovation. It is safe to say it will be the rail event of the year.

It is the perfect opportunity to show what you have to offer. It can be anything really as can be seen in the list above. In the case of Anota, we are looking to showcase our innovative business solutions. We specialise in end-to-end Document Management. Our solution relies on cyber physical systems, which provides an automated business process. It aligns with our aims to help the introduction of Industry 4.0. At the moment, rail systems aren’t able to communicate across the board. With our system, you would be able to have this interoperability with any paperwork, you wouldn’t have to send hard copies, and it will all function electronically through DocuWare; our document management solution. This is a solution that will help your business processes, it will smooth them out so that it will take seconds rather than days for any document to progress across different stages of the business process. It will pull all of the documentation into one place, where it is easy to access any document, yet there is firm data security.

The all-inclusive solution for document management will make a noticeable change to the performance, efficiency and cost of the rail network in the UK. As there is a great change to the manufacturing sector, rail is beginning to change with it. There is no finite path for the rail industry, however, to keep up with the latest technologies, it has to evolve with it and it needs something that will be able to support it. With all the data from each of the systems being brought into one place, it ensures the entire network can interconnect faultlessly, in its entirety with swiftness. It would also ensure that all business operations are monitored with the ability to be able to keep track through DocuWare. There is interdepartmental access to all documents, regardless of data source or location. This is very useful for railway companies as it creates a seamless flow of information. It will capture any document changes and status changes, allowing you to spot errors, which is crucial in rail with so many documents flying about. Our solutions also help with compliance, as it provides tamper-free, long term archiving. The documentation is stored safely and cannot be manipulated without any kind of detection. It allows for complete end-to-end workflows.

Raillive is one of the largest outdoor rail exhibitions in Europe. It is spread out over two days with a wide-ranging timetable of events and demonstrations taking place. There will be many seminars and presentations taking place, which will be delivered by prestigious industry leaders who are specialists in their respective fields. There will be over 300 exhibitors and more than 6000 visitors. It will incontrovertibly be an event to look forward to for Anota. With the attendance of up and coming UK rail manufacturing and engineering businesses, that will be coming to the event looking with poise to the new technology that will be on display to them. We will be there, looking to inspire them into the new digital age with our business solutions. Companies are starting to become aware of Industry 4.0 and the benefits that come with it. Our aim and mission will be to make companies realise how much it could do for them and how we can help them achieve a next-generation system that will be able to manage documents from end to end, with no holes and all areas of the business contained within.

Planning digitisation now will help the rail sector understand how it will benefit them in more ways than many, they will begin to understand the productivity and cost benefits that are aligned with it. It will help them start a more digital and connected future. Contacting us is the first thing you can do to find out more, and if you are still to be convinced, talk to one of our representatives who will be down at Raillive and find out more!


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