The Strategic Opportunity of Modern HR

Facing a constant tug-of-war for the best candidates, managing talent and building a team: how can today’s human resources teams lead their companies into the future?

With pressure to reduce costs, reduce staff, automate outdated processes yet still maintain elevated levels of productivity to support the business, HR teams need the right tools to transform into modern, strategic leaders of the organisation.

DocuWare delivers new productivity for HR teams

To attract, onboard and retain employees in a competitive environment, organisations worldwide are focused on improving employee engagement.

HR must make the best decisions at the most crucial times. Which candidate to hire? How can we ensure the onboarding process, with all the required forms, is efficient and thorough? How do we facilitate performance reviews, approve time-off requests, and store compensation and related tax and benefit information—all in a complete and secure manner?

Complete, secure, findable information is the only way to ensure smart decision-making.

DocuWare automates the capture of employee records, HR files, business documents, and other information into a single digital system. From here, staff can use rich workflow to effortlessly move information along defined, automated processes and enable clear decisioning at every step.

DocuWare solutions for HR

Strategic Opportunity 1

Find the right talent with Recruiting to Offer

Filling open positions with the most qualified team members is, without question, one of the most essential functions of managers and the HR team.

DocuWare drives more accurate and effective hiring by enabling and connecting all team members involved in candidate selection. With a unified, fully digital process, staff can spend time discovering the best talent, not chasing documents.

Drive a new pace for hiring productivity when you:

  • Capture ad hoc email, form-based applications and other sources into a single, fully searchable candidate pool
  • Move candidate information effortlessly through the chain of hiring decision-makers
  • Generate email notifications for any workflow event
  • Secure candidate information for complete data privacy
  • Complete the offer letter process
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with transparent processes
  • Strategic Opportunity 2

Launch into productivity with Automated Onboarding

Gathering data, preparing onboarding documents, completing government forms, ordering equipment—there is plenty to do before your new employee starts.

DocuWare automatically assembles all the required documentation at this crucial early stage of employment. Digital workflow then assigns tasks, sends notifications to managers, and provides new employees a welcome email with training schedules, health and wellness registration forms, legal agreements and more.

Ensure a productive start when you:

  • Capture employee information once and propagate into all forms
  • Organise all new employee documents into a single link for Day One productivity
  • Structure the sign-up process with automatic task distribution to all involved departments along with follow-up notifications for background checks, execution of the employee agreement and NDA, tax forms, benefit plan sign-ups and direct deposit information
  • Create onboarding workflows for welcome packs, scheduling orientation, IT, equipment provisioning, and various system access rights
  • Strategic Opportunity 3

Drive deeper engagement with Performance Management

DocuWare secures every employee’s information in a unique personnel file that can be accessed by approved staff or by the employee via a password-protected link.

Enhance employee access and ongoing performance when you:

  • Integrate seamlessly with payroll programs
  • Move annual 360-degree performance reviews effortlessly through multiple departments and selected reviewers
  • Create workflows for time-off and sick day leave requests
  • File employee complaints or company correspondence

Encrypt the entire employee record and ensure compliance adherence

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Document Management

  • Market Leading Software
  • Simple to Use
  • In-house or Cloud based
  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • Automated Workflow Approvals
  • Integrate into your existing ERP
  • Fully Compliant with Audit Trail
  • Version Control

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Does Your Copier Do This?

  • Automatically index and file during printing
  • Approve invoices digitally
  • Scan any document into a digital workflow process
  • Distribute post electronically for more efficient workflow
  • Ongoing print reduction review process

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Consultancy Services

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  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Specification and Design
  • Process Mapping
  • Configuration and Development
  • Implementing, Testing and Training
  • Support

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