Why Complementary Skills Make The Difference To Business Relationships

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What makes a successful business relationship? For some it’s the personality of those in the partnership. For example one person is great at sales and one at administration.

I believe one of the best business partnerships is when those involved bring different, but complementary, skills to the table. That way you can reach a wider customer base and provide peace of mind for clients who don’t want the hassle of dealing with half a dozen suppliers. At Anota, we provide document management software. It therefore makes perfect sense for us to work in partnership with the technology experts K3 Syspro, and we have been doing so for the past 3 years.

K3 Syspro is expert at providing the technology for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the supply chain - particularly in the manufacturing sector. ERP is vital for manufacturers who don’t want to get left behind in Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution), and K3 Syspro is helping these businesses with real time data collection on the factory floor and setting up systems that run, revolutionise and integrate the systems from shop floor to customer service and delivery.

Chain of Events

Where Anota comes in is in using our Docuware solution to provide a seamless and paperless workflow which is integrated with the K3 system. Paper free offices have been the holy grail of business for the past twenty years. However, until now, manufacturers, among others, have been reluctant to let go. Part of the reason is so much information is still retained in hard copy. Many businesses believe going paperless would create a two tier system. After all, what is going to happen to all the paperwork currently in existence?

How we work with K3 Syspro is by sitting behind what they do to ensure business can both move forward with a digitised workflow and ensure the paperwork of the past is seamlessly archived into the new system. Imagine no more filing cabinets, yet full historical visibility at the touch of a button!

So we create a digital chain of events from the start to the finish of the manufacturing process. This means from the minute an order arrives through to the moment it is delivered to the customer. It doesn’t matter how many parties are involved in the supply chain, the digitised workflow joins up every item on the invoice, archives the information and puts it under a customer reference.

Avoid Duplication

The management of these documents and data, some of which will have been created with the K3 Syspro ERP system, will be visible to everyone who needs to have access. It reduces to zero the chances of duplication of paperwork e.g. purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, financial records, expenses etc., and cuts time spent on administration.

If something does go missing in the manufacturing or delivery process, we control all of that within the K3 Syspro ERP system ensuring what is dispatched is what is charged for. We all know customers do not like to find themselves with an inaccurate bill. It creates bad feeling even when rectified. There should be no weak links in the supply chain with a robust document management software like Docuware.

Disaster Recovery

We’ve all seen, and keep seeing, stories of businesses which have had data lost or stolen. Look at what happened to British Airways when its IT system failed – simply due to an engineer turning off a power supply. It grounded thousands of BA passengers and cost the company £80million.

Physical documents kept in a filing cabinet are also vulnerable - to fire, flood and theft. It may seem easier now to leave them where they are, but we all know that is not the answer in the long run. Audit trails can be demanding and time-consuming. Much better to have all the information to hand with a few keyboard strokes. And for added peace of mind, Docuware allows you to store all of that data in an offsite server and or in the cloud.

Paper Free

So finally, let’s take a long hard look at the paper free office. No pressure, but do you want to be the weak link in the supply chain having to ask John in accounts to scan the PO hard copy and email to your supplier or customer. If you want to keep down your photocopying, printing and administration costs then it makes sense to provide a seamless digital workflow from sales to back office functions and delivery.

We can’t promise the photocopier still won’t get used. And if this is the case, where physical documents are still required, then we can also set up a system where you will save money on Multifunctional Devices (MFDs). Again, it is about partnership working. We don’t simply come to you to sell software. We want to help make your workflow easier, more efficient and more cost effective.

Being Complementary

We believe providing an integrated complementary service works well in our partnership with K3 Syspro. It’s not always easy to find the perfect match, but once you have, it can only mean better business for you and your customers.

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