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Today, we live in a forward thinking, technological society, where one of the main concerns is about progressing in any way possible; whether that is as a business, a technical or mental standpoint.

One of the key goals of our company is to be able to provide businesses with the best possible solution to everyday processes that cause problems. You may be wondering what problems there actually are? We are in 2017 and there are still many organisations that think that storing and filing documents in cupboards, or any kind of storage facility in an organised manner is the best possible solution, and aren’t aware of the solutions we can provide to make it possible to save time and money for your company… and cupboard space of course. Or some may well be aware of the solutions we can provide and just feel safer having hard copies of documents. To that I say, no more! For Anota, the future is now, and in ten years’ time, storing hard copies of files will be a thing of the past.

Providing document management solutions as an established, trusted DocuWare gold partner, we have been providing the key to help businesses become paperless. As a business, we are always looking to progress and come up with ideas in how to improve our solutions, and for that reason, we have teamed up with K3 Syspro, a company which provides undisputedly excellent ERP solutions. We have managed to formulate a solution which will provide you with a fully end-to-end system in which data moves efficiently in both directions, between documentation and ERP systems.

The primary objectives and benefits of the Syspro and DocuWare Integration, developed by K3 and Anota is to firstly, present all documentation to the user within SYSPRO, We can collate documents together and present them in a command screen within SYSPRO without the user having to leave the application that they are working on. This can be done in one of two ways. Firstly, to present a pre-defined result list, so it is a pre-defined collation of documents together. This might be on customer call or department AR. It depends what the user is looking to see and how they would like to collate the documents together. The second level to this integration into SYSPRO is what we refer to as On Row Select.

The next part of the integration is about removing the requirements going to data into SYSPRO. This can be done across many different document types and depending on requirement. Primarily, it tends to be used in invoice processing because of the number of documents there are and the dates that it was extracted from and it is then entered into SYSPRO. This cannot be to register an invoice or to post an invoice. So, we extract the invoice information. The document then gets dropped into a scanner, we extract all the invoice information and then we take this data and post it into SYSPRO.

At Anota, we want to help this new industrial advancement with a piece of software that helps automate business processes, and for that reason, we have aligned our own beliefs and goals with Industry 4.0. The partnership with K3 Syspro helps us get closer to achieving that. For example, the automation of posting removes the chance of human error, the speed of processing documents leads to time saved, and you will have the ability to cross reference all documents connected to a transaction in one window. A couple of the other huge benefits include the ease of accessibility for searches and that the time saved leads to saving of man hours, thus saving the business money.

The solution is easy to use, and it is the future of how we handle our documents. Don’t get left behind in the race to be Industry 4.0 ready; now is the perfect time to join the trend.


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Document Management

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  • Fully Compliant with Audit Trail
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Does Your Copier Do This?

  • Automatically index and file during printing
  • Approve invoices digitally
  • Scan any document into a digital workflow process
  • Distribute post electronically for more efficient workflow
  • Ongoing print reduction review process

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Consultancy Services

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